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Lester Holt anchors a town hall discussion with Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden from Miami.  Watch on Apple TV
President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden discuss issues; Kristen Welker moderates.  Watch on Apple TV


If, like most of us, you harbour a strong suspicion that you could be friends with Michelle Obama, her warm, insightful memoir will make you 100 percent sure of that. Becoming offers intimate glimpses into Obama’s Chicago childhood, her father’s long illness, and her struggle to balance her desire for excellence with her search for a truly fulfilling professional path. It also, of course, dwells on her experiences as a historic public figure. Never overtly political but often satisfyingly pointed, Obama’s book is a profound pleasure, offering a desperately needed reminder that, sometimes, grace and intelligence do prevail.  
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Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel have the latest news and analysis from the US presidential election race.   Listen on Apple Podcasts

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